Community Transformation

In 2018, the Alström Angels board voted to embark on an additional mission to give back to the communities that have supported Alström Angels. Through the efforts and fulfillment of this Alström Angels mission, we strive to bring awareness to the individual illnesses and disabilities associated with Alström Syndrome that affect other children in our local community. Our first community transformation project, Milestones Development & Play Park is underway and will open in the Fall of 2022.

Milestones Park

Milestones Development & Play Park

Opening in the Fall of 2022, Milestones Development & Play Park is the first of its kind in the State of Texas, and a place where every child can feel special, regardless of their ability level.

About Cause

Milestones Development & Play Park provides children of all ability levels with a stimulating environment that will allow them to play, learn, and share experiences together embracing the true spirit of inclusion, creating an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding of everyone.

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