Hope For a Future

That Holds a Cure

Alström Angels is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity dedicated to raising funds for Alström Syndrome genetic and medical research, increasing awareness of the rare disease among the general public and medical communities, and  bettering family support for those affected by the Syndrome.


What is Alström Syndrome?

Alström Syndrome is a rare, hereditary genetic disorder first described by Dr. Carl Henry Alström in Sweden in 1959.  Since that time, there have been just over 1,000 individuals diagnosed with Alström Syndrome in medical history.  


This rare disease is one of the most brutal diseases there is, as it touches every organ in the body.  Most children are lost in their late teens and early twenties due to these medical complications. Alström Syndrome can affect people of all nationalities, ethnic groups, and races.


Fund Research, Find A Cure

Drop by Drop,
We Make a Lake

Alström Syndrome is an extremely rare disease with just over 1,000 confirmed cases worldwide. As a result, most doctors may not even be aware. Our goal is to fund research, raise awareness, and support children and families affected by Alström. Every dollar makes an impact that will be felt by generations to come! Your support gives the children and families fighting Alström Syndrome HOPE for a future that holds a CURE!

2022 Campaign

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Alström Angel

How Could You Help?

Alström affects children and families in ways most couldn’t conceive. The generosity of our donors and volunteers provides hope beyond measure.

Become A Guardian Angel

Even Angels need a Guardian Angel. By giving just $25 a month, you can help ensure research for treatments and a cure never stops!

Share Our Mission With Loved Ones

With only 1,000 confirmed diagnoses worldwide, telling your loved ones and raising awareness could save a family from years of searching for an answer.

Attend An Event

Our fundraising events create a huge boost in reaching our goals each year. Whether you can attend the event or volunteer to help, you will help make a difference.

Wear Your Support!

Show your support for Alström Angels in Angel Gear! 100% of the proceeds from our Angel Gear go to funding research. Additionally, Angel Gear provides a great way to strike a conversation with a friend or family member and raise awareness of Alström Syndrome.

Fund Research. Find a Cure.

We support Alström Syndrome International (ASI). ASI is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity that provides support to families around the world whose children suffer from Alström  Syndrome.  ASI also funds and leads all of the genetic research conducted in the world today for Alström Syndrome.

Absolutely! We have wonderful corporate partners that become guardian angels and regularly attend our events as groups. It’s a great way to help create a life-giving workplace. View our Corporate Partners page to learn more.

Alström Syndrome is an extremely rare genetic disease with just over 1,000 confirmed cases worldwide. Because of its rarity, we believe that there are more children and adults that have yet to be diagnosed. Our goal is to raise awareness and fund research to make it easier to be diagnosed.

By giving just $25 a month, you can make sure research for treatments and a cure NEVER STOPS. Donate and become a Guardian Angel today.

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