Alström Syndrome International

In pursuit of our mission, Alström Angels works closely with Alström Syndrome International to help fund medical research and provide family support for those affected by the rare disease. As the leading research and resource center for Alström Syndrome, donation proceeds to Alström Angels go directly to ASI to help fund research and the resources they provide to the children and families affected by Alström Syndrome.

Alström Syndrom International
About ASI

Alström Syndrome International (ASI) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity that provides support to families around the world whose children suffer from Alström  Syndrome.  ASI also funds and leads all of the genetic research conducted in the world today for Alström Syndrome.

In 2002, ASI made an incredible breakthrough with their research.  ASI successfully pinpointed the gene responsible for Alström Syndrome, ALMS1, to a location on chromosome 2.  ASI’s work has led to the identification of more than 900  individuals around the world with Alström Syndrome. 

Today ASI continues to lead all of the research throughout the world that is conducted on the disease, as well as provides support to Alström families around the globe.

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