My name is Bryce,

but my family and friends call me Brycie. I am 8-years old and I live in Lubbock, Texas. I have Alström Syndrome. I am blind, but I don’t let that stop me from doing anything I want to do!  I am in third grade and I’m learning to read braille with my fingers.  Soon I will need hearing aids, but that’s OK too. I will not be the only one in the world with different ears.”  

“I take 10 different medications every day to try and keep my heart, lungs, and liver healthy, and I eat a special diet so my body doesn’t get sick with diabetes.”

“But I am more than Alström. I am a daughter, a little sister, a cousin and I am a friend….I am Bryce!”

A message from Bryce’s Family

Bryce is a lily among thorns, a rare blessing! With the face of an angel, she can brighten a room with her sweet smile. Who would have thought that miles and continents away there are more sweet angels just like her? Rare angels… 

How blessed are we that there are others just states away who know exactly what struggles we face every day? With your help we can find a cure for Alström Syndrome so that no other children have to face these struggles ever again!

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